And That's Really What We're Trying To Accomplish With The Tubemogul Acquisition. The Next Phase Of The Company's Video Evolution Is Connecting The Buy Side Through Tubemogul With The Sell Side Via Adobe Primetime Tv Media Management.

Some Useful Questions On Picking Out Vital Issues For Video Marketing

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What do they need? What is the hierarchy of needs?" He suggests marketing concepts from the 1950's and 1960's can be useful when trying to create personalized experiences. "Also what's lost is the creative aspect of it," he adds. "How do you create a better environment for consumers so that they're more likely to make a purchase decision or more likely to have brand affinity for a particular product or service or company?" Too often, the focus is solely on data and "we don't focus on what people want," says Foster . "Sort of the basics of marketing." While Adobe itself is slightly less than a quarter-century old, it seems to have been listening to what a lot of people in the tech space desire, particularly when it comes to video. Its 2016 acquisition of TubeMogul is the capstone in the creation of a "three-legged stool" to neatly capture both the demand side and supply side--and most points in between. "Historically we've have a data management platform, we've had a performance marketing engine with Adobe Media Optimizer but we haven't really had a demand side platform focused on brand building through video," Foster explains. "And that's really what we're trying to accomplish with the TubeMogul acquisition." The next phase of the company's video evolution is connecting the buy side through TubeMogul with the sell side via Adobe Primetime TV Media Management. This, says Foster, will create "tighter, stronger connections between media buyers, TV buyers, video buyers and broadcasters and MVPD's that have professional video inventory to sell." Adobe is now equipped to assist brands from content ideation through to production and distribution video distribution, all the way through to measurement and monetization.

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