Something Like This Could Be Quite Useful In Building Confidence, So That When Children Get To Secondary School And They Have To Learn The Elements For Physics And Chemistry, They Arent Intimidated, Says Keith Taber, A Professor Of Science Education At The University Of Cambridge.

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Lightneer decided to skip the three Rs. The companys first game, Big Bang Legends, attempts to familiarize children as young as 4 years old with particle physics by building the concepts directly into its structure. Players fire a high-energy particle beam to capture quarks, then assemble them into protons to form atoms of various elements. Each of the first 10 elements of the periodic table, from hydrogen to neon, is represented by a different animated character with a distinct personality whom players can use to battle monsters made of antimatter. There are no quizzes here. Parents shouldnt expect their kindergartner to finish Big Bang Legends with the equivalent of a physics degree, but it will make key terms more familiar, says Deborah Quazzo, co-founder and managing director of GSV Acceleration, the venture fund that led a 2.8 million ($3 million) funding round for Lightneer last year. Something like this could be quite useful in building confidence, so that when children get to secondary school and they have to learn the elements for physics and chemistry, they arent intimidated, says Keith Taber, a professor of science education at the University of Cambridge. The subatomic focus came from a suggestion by Vesterbacka, who, along with investing, has joined Lightneer as a marketing adviser. While at Rovio, he negotiated education-themed Angry Birds licensing deals with NASA and CERN, the Geneva nuclear research lab that runs the Large Hadron Collider, the worlds most powerful particle accelerator. CERN scientists agreed to advise Lightneer.

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